About Me

Welcome to the digital journey of Adi Pramono, a seasoned web developer with roots deeply embedded in the vibrant landscapes of Indonesia. With a story that weaves through the realms of technology, creativity, and global exploration, Adi’s professional path reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the endless pursuit of learning.

The Journey Begins

Adi’s adventure into web development began in 2007 with the humble beginnings of HTML. This sparked a passion that has grown through nearly a decade of immersion in the digital world. A pivotal moment came in 2008, when Adi ventured to Truro, Nova Scotia, as part of an exchange program with Canada World Youth. It was here, amidst the Canadian expanse, that Adi took his first professional steps by managing an organization’s website and documenting his experiences through a WordPress blog.

Eduprana and Beyond

In 2012, Adi channeled his expertise into founding Eduprana, a venture dedicated to opening language learning doors for the youth. Although initially focused on education, his fascination with web development and online marketing soon took center stage.

A Freelancer’s Path

Adi’s freelance career kicked off in 2015, serving clients across Palangkaraya and Bali. This journey saw him developing websites for a diverse clientele, including government bodies, universities, hospitals, and local businesses. By 2016, Adi had fully transitioned to freelancing, dedicating his craft to web development.

Bali and Beyond

2017 marked a new chapter as Adi relocated to Bali to join a web development team from BC, Canada – BowdenWorks/PlusROI. This collaboration not only solidified his expertise in web development but also continued to fuel his passion for the digital world.

A Voice in the Digital Wilderness

Beyond coding and development, Adi finds solace and expression through writing. His personal blog serves as a canvas for his thoughts on self-development, showcasing his deep interest in sharing knowledge and connecting with a global audience.

Work Experiences

  • 2020 – Now: Web Developer at PlusROI
  • 2015 – Now: Web Developer Freelance
  • 2012 – 2016: Founder of Eduprana
  • 2009 – 2012: Village Facilitator at Ministry of Youth and Sports


  • 2004 – 2009: Bachelor of Education, Palangka Raya University


  • 2008 September – 2009 March: Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program with Canada World Youth.
    Project Locations: Truro, Nova Scotia and Riau, Indonesia
  • Indonesia Youth exchange program


  • 2004 PON: Greco-Roman Wrestling: 3rd National Champion of Indonesia, 51kg (Palembang)
  • 2008 PON: Greco-Roman Wrestling: 2nd National Champion of Indonesia, 51kg (Samarinda)


  • Learning languages
  • Listening to music