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Custom Website Development In Bali

Custom Website Development in Bali

Custom website Bali – Custom website build allows you to show your company in the look and feel that you want. It is also carrying messages that you want to say to your audience.

Custom Website Bali, Indonesia

What is custom website?

Each business is unique. You have different products to sell than your neighbor companies. Also, you have probably had different approaches to get run you business. A custom website is a crafted page that intended to meet your specific requirements, containing exactly columns, rows, slides, contact forms, buttons, targeted call to action, look and feel, and other elements to support all marketing efforts that you do. Custom website doesn’t mean you can’t go with a common platform of content management system like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla or something else, it simply means you need to have the ability to set your company web in a certain way that is synced with your overall strategies.

Why custom website is so important?

You might already your have website set, up and running. But, is there anything missing there? Or are you fully happy? Are you limited or forbid to add certain things or more you cannot really manage the website to perform like how it should? You have 3 seconds to impress your audiences, and if they feel ok then probably will read further and if you are providing exactly what audiences are looking for they will probably consider purchasing your products or services. To optimize these few seconds with the best approach and strategy will be deadly important to your company success (or failure). A right crafted custom website might also boost your SEO which means will be able to generate more targeted audiences because you’re able to plant your SEO seeds, keywords, exactly in the right spot.

How long does it take to build?

If your business requirements are simpler, and you only need 4 or 5 pages optimized pages, it might take 4 weeks to have the final version and launch. To work together in a team would make the process even faster. Let’s say you have a villa business. You have some pictures, but not so great. You have the copy writing, standard. And you have a web developer contracted to build the web. Also, let’s imagine you want to have a better look and conversion for your website, so you will need a photographer to shoot the villa, copy writer to help the writing content, web development to organize the web needs, to allocate 4 weeks for the whole process will be something reachable. Let’s break down this sample case:

  • 1st week to gather strategy and workflow
  • 2nd week to start working on the mockup, get the images, text content started
  • 3nd week to put everything together and to test
  • 4nd week to do a final test if everything is working and probably tweak the SEO

That will be a sample only case. If your business is bigger might take more resources, will need more pages, but again this probably to catch more or bigger fish. Your business in Bali might probably need a “custom website Bali”.

How much is the cost?

To work professionally, photographer, writer, and even you will probably want reasonable budget. I work per hour for web maintenance and usually work per project. You can contact me to discuss about the cost and to estimate the global cost that you need to invest. From there, we can also calculate the return of your investment. Or if the project you are thinking is worth doing or no. Because the believe is a custom website, a good website should enable you to boost and to grow.

Build Custom Website in Bali, Indonesia

Get a custom website Bali today – My name is Adi Pramono, a WordPress website developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Please feel free to contact or shoot me an email at to arrange a web project or to maybe have coffee and discuss about your idea and turn it into good business.

Adi Pramono

My name is Adi Pramono, a web developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Mail me if you need a person to do a web project for you, email:

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