How to make WordPress Load Faster


When you open a web page, you need to wait more than 10 seconds, you probably just hit cancel button and do something else.

How to make WordPress Website Load Faster

Site speed is very important not only for users experience but also for site rank. If your website is performing slow in time load, visitors will not even have a chance to read your web content and will just hit close button or navigate to other website listed in the search engine. Scarily, your slow website will probably not even indexed on the search engine search result, because it is too slow for search engine crawler to index your pages. You only have 3 seconds to satisfy your audience or to give a great experience that users don’t even notice and can still focus on your page content. If a user needs to wait and nothing is happening or too slow and they leave, it is the same as if you do not have any website at all!

Check Your Website Speed

There are tools online to check your internet speed. Your internet might be sometimes slow, sometimes you are not sure and probably don’t know which one is slow, your internet or your website. Here are three main free services you can use to check the site load speed:

  1. Pingdom
    I personally like to use Pingdom as it is fast and gives basic information that we need also the problems that probably we have that causing the slowness
  2. GT Matrix
    I like the detail information GT Matrix provide in their search test but sometimes I don’t have time to wait. But GT Matrix is a great tool if you want to go deeper to see what happen.
  3. Google Speed Test
    For some people, Google Speed Test is the default test service for site speed. But I don’t really use it for now because of the questions answer by Pingdom as it is my default method.

Know What Causing Your Slow Web

By having your website diagnosed with the tool like Pingdom above, you should be able to see what’s causing the slowness. Here are the major possible things:

  1. Your web page is more than 10 Mb!
  2. Your web hosting is slow
  3. Your website is not optimized for speed
  4. Your website is containing too big size graphic

To do list to improve your WordPress site load time.

  1.  I usually limit the total size of the page into not more than 5MB, even if this is possible not more than 1 MB
  2. Buy a great web hosting, if you go for cheap one, the slow one, it will cause more troubles and you have the possibility to get the opportunity that you actually target in your web
  3. Have you ever optimized your speed? If not then you might want to spend 3 or 4 hours sit and fix it.
  4. Again this is something that some of us not aware, we upload an image, without optimizing it into the right size and just embed, once we realize that it is 15 MB of a single image.
  5. Work on the suggestions of Pingdom, GT Matrix, Google. As the item above is my personal checklist before going for other to-dos.
  6. Consider to use CDN, they are many options for this. It helps to share the load, so your hosting is not the one that is burdened with every content.

Hire someone to optimize your web

If you’re located in Bali, or OK to hire someone online, you might probably want to spend 3 or 4 hours of site load time optimization. You might spend 30 or 40$, but you’ll save your marketing possibilities ahead. Please contact me if you need someone for that. Mail me at

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