Adi Pramono

WordPress Website Developer

Bali, Indonesia

Let’s have a cup of coffee in Ubud or Seminyak and see,

To talk or even to start your web project, maybe.

About Adi Pramono

My name is Adi Pramono, a fulltime WordPress website developer based in Gianyar, Bali. I originally come from the heart of Borneo island, Palangkaraya.

I have 5 years of web development experience and WordPress is my favorite. 

I work mostly from home  and occasionally meet clients somewhere in Bali or meet online in the cyberspace. I enjoy my routine very much, developing websites here, from the Island of Gods, Bali.

WordPress Website Developer in Bali

When it comes to designing a website, this is necessary to include important detail elements of SEO, site load speed, security, and user friendly interface.

Website Development Services

These are things that I like to do:

Website Development
Website Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization

Relax, the future Is already unfolding From long-planted seeds 

Web Development

WordPress Website Development

I help clients to setup their websites, from zero. All you need is just an idea to start. Or if you already have your wireframe and mockup, we can develop it too, to become a real working website. 


WordPress Website Maintenance

You already have your website, and you need a professional web developer to maintain your website. Probably you want to add more functionality, to have regular update. I work with clients to ensure that their websites are working, secure, and up to date.


Search Engine Optimization

You may have your websites aesthetically beautiful. But, if your customers cannot find you easily on search engine, then the lonely beauty will be useless. For my SEO service in Bali, I dedicated only one client per sector, no conflict of interest.