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How To Reach More Audience For Business In Bali

How to Reach More Audience for Business in Bali

This article is not written by a super guru or something, it is written from the perspective of a web developer who spend 8 hours a day doing internet marketing for around 5 years. 

How to market your business in Bali

Get your audience to know you

In order to get your audience to know you, first you need to know who is your target audience, from there we will be easier to see what way is probably working to approach them and what is the best strategy. Let’s say you have scuba diving center business probably targets travelers divers, or young people in the age of 18 to 30, who are interested in sports, or adventure, who are traveling to Bali. They are probably on their smartphone, and don’t have access to computer at the moment. Great, you already know exactly the information you need. Without knowing your target audience, your marketing probably will be too broad, or too costly – because reaching  of extra external users that will never ever, or may trigger, may effect on purchase of your product / service is a waste of time and energy and money.

People search the internet

Some people go to holiday with plan, some with backpack only, and some have no idea why they’re travelling, maybe. Your audience is just human like you, they search things they want to know and probably click the first thing they see on search result, they probably don’t care if this is an ads or organic, all they need is the answer of their search. You want to appear here on the search result, whether you go for organic or paid ads. Or you don’t have website listed on Google? Then you need to do some work here or you’re missing out opportunity.

Audience might compare might not

Your audience probably will just click the first thing they see read a little bit an hit contact button and book. Some will just compare which one compare which one. But you, you want to be appear on first pages of search to go to this step. They probably don’t have time to read hundred pages, their holiday is in limited time. Time is running fast.

External SEO and Internal SEO

You have your business listed on Tripadvisor, great! Mentioned in high traffic blog! Also people can found you on Google Maps! Awesome! Those are external SEO needed for your business. Internal SEO will be your effort inside your website. You might want to combine these two together for the best marketing result.

Paid Ads

You have your specification of audience and you probably put the effort also in paid ads, it might be working, but without careful work, it will be “money burning” activity. You will need to partner a professional with expertise in internet marketing, not just know how to, but know how to manage it, not only able to press activate button to your ads account but know the best approach and strategy and is up to date with current techniques.

Limited Time

Remember, as a business owner, or manager, your time is limited to do all of these efforts. You can always delegate to your team, employees, freelancer, or professional to do things that is not in your main task list. Your time limited, and precious.


Adi Pramono

My name is Adi Pramono, a web developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Mail me if you need a person to do a web project for you, email:

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