What is the importance of blog for SEO


A blog is a section of your website where you can put news update about your company, products, trends, updates, and stories. We usually manage the blog in chronological order, with dates, featured images, tags, and categories.

Now you have your website up and running, and you also got organic traffic to your site. But why you still need to consider to have a managed blog?

A blog is a great place to spread your keywords

I believe that a page should have one single keyword, maybe two, or three but not ten keywords on one page. We all know that keyword stuffing is not the way to go. By having a blog section somewhere on your website, you have the place to put all of those high-value keywords, create great contents, and drive more organic traffic to your business.

My opinion: website without a blog is like a dead site

When we put ourselves as audiences, and when we scroll to a website and see that there’s updated blog section, talking about the latest trend of our interest is a great feeling. We might be interested to read more of web content, engage longer in the site, and have more significant possibility to revisit and probably make a purchase on that website.

WordPress website and blog

WordPress platform has been around for years, famous for its native ability to handle blogging. So if your site is in WordPress and the feature that you’re only using is the page, then there’s a little action you can take to improve your website a bit, by having a blog!

Regularity on blogging

For my website, I’m still learning to organize my time better so I can have the regular article posted on the site. Not easy! English is also not my primary language, so there’s a bit struggle there, but yes we are all learning.

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