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Mobile web development

Mobile web development

Mobile web development – Did you know? 75% of American take the mobile phone to the bathroom with them.

Mobile Web Development in Bali, Indonesia

Do you have your website for business and has been designed nicely? Did you check how it looks on your mobile device? If it seems right, then congratulation. If you have zoom in, zoom out, scroll left to right, right to the left, then probably your website is not optimized for mobile device. It also means you have a problem here because a mobile-friendly website is more natural to navigate for your audiences. Also, Google loves it and ranks higher site that meets the requirement of the mobile-friendly standard.

Internet is changing

Mobile devices is now getting smarter, faster, even your phone is probably has more RAM than your old computer. Mine has 3 GB of RAM! Which is bigger than my old computer when I was at school. People are using internet on the phone if you miss this opportunity you missed half of your total audiences, maybe more. To deliver an easy to access information from any devices, from smaller screen, portrait, landscape, tablet, bigger screen, you need an adaptive design, a responsive to screen size design.

Mobile first approach

As more online time shifts to mobile devices and networks, our desktop first design and development processes aren’t giving us the reach we need in today’s connected world. A mobile first approach to creating components and applications allows us to connect with many more consumers without compromising the experiences we’re trying to create for everyone. The main idea of this approach is to make sure every message that you are trying to deliver to your audience are stated in the smallest screen, bigger screen, and desktop with more functionality but still containing the main message.

Users grab their phone when they wake up

As internet is getting more accessible, it is becoming the first thing in life and priority for users to always have access to internet when they need, when they want, wherever.

40% of world population is using mobile device

If you are in Bali, you know that travelers are probably not carrying PC with them, or not carrying laptop all over the place, but they have their mobile device on hand.

People who research on mobile make the purchase

To be able to appear on the search result, giving the information that users need, and when users are ready, they can make the purchase, directly from mobile device. We need to make sure that our websites are able to do that, displaying correct and easy to read information, and so on, and ready to handle form and payment mobile.

Mobile web development is a must in today’s connected world.

Mobile Marketing Strategy Checklist

Here are some items for our Mobile Marketing checklist:

  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • Fast loading site, especially on mobile devices
  • Clear call to action
  • Include contact information
  • Take advantage of social share buttons
  • Use mobile-optimized emails

Ready to start Mobile web optimization?

My name is Adi Pramono, a fulltime web developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Feel free to contact me if you have any plan to optimize your web into a fast mobile website. Mail me at