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Monthly web maintenance for your business in Bali

Stay up to date with Monthly Web Maintenance

We know that your website needs to be updated regularly – and we know that you can delegate this task to professional so you have more time doing your main tasks and role. If you are working on going optimization, small task per month to gradually achieve something bigger monthly web maintenance is the way to go.


Web Support for WordPress Website

There are some numbers of basic task if you’re running WordPress to keep an eye of your plugins and core, to make sure they are updated is an essential thing.


Strategic move to your target

Let’s say in one year you are targeting to put 24 great SEO rank articles, by doing it in smaller doable task, like 2 articles per month, you will eventually reach that goal after 12 months.

Or you want to grow your company by let’s say to make 10% more sales this year, with this assumption you need to get more quality traffic by certain number to eventually convert them into your customers. Technical support might be needed here let’s say to tweak the form, to gather monthly report, or to generate new pages needed.


Step by step to be great in your business

We are not building great website overnight. One new page per month will grow your website into 12 pages in one year, 36 pages in three years. With probably 40 to 60$ cost per month along they way with the growth of your business, you want also to expand your website strategically and piece by piece building your targeted plan.


Affordable web maintenance cost

My name is Adi Pramono, a full time WordPress developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Get an affordable partnership for your monthly web maintenance today! Contact me here, or mail at to get free quotes.