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O - web portfolio – December 2018 version. Blog-focused portfolio.

More than 4 times per year, I change the structure or the look on my personal website. Not because it’s my OCD, or probably it is, but what I really wanted to do is having a website that I can proud of and can give some benefits at least for me and if possible to other people. 

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

Keri Russell

Why Revamping

I’m currently testing Gutenberg on my web and making my step forward to move away from WP Bakery builder.

So last month, I just purchased a theme that supports Gutenberg, and that’s it, not a lot of customization here yet. 

Why Focus on Blog

Here are some of the reasons why I’m doing blog-focused portfolio:

Exercising my English Writing Skill

I was born and raised in a non-English speaking country, there’s always been a challenge to communicate in English, especially in written language. So, by focusing on the blog section, I’m hoping that I got a place to exercise a little bit in my evening when I’m not working on my main job, to write articles in English. 

Leveraging Keywords Coverage

I’m currently investing time for a better SEO for my website by covering various stories with some of the target keywords from my day to day job – from something that I’m familiar with. So, I have the credibility and topics to cover. 

I’m Building Reading Habit

In order to write blog posts, we should do some reading and research. So, I spend 30min to 1h per day in the morning to read some articles about some technical topics, and paying attention to how the way top authors deliver a good story. 

Less Blog Posts

I actually deleted some of the old blog posts, and posts in Bahasa Indonesia, since they’re no longer relevant with my current target market. It’s not because I’m not loving Indonesia anymore, but thinking probably I should just put one language in a website to not confuse Google. I checked my website last month and saw “translate this site” notice from Google search result – even the post content was English. Probably better if I register another domain and put all my Bahasa Indonesia posts on a separate website.

With less blog post, from 77 posts to around only 14 posts, I’m trying to focus on what best, fixing grammar as I can.

I’m planning to do more fixing on the posts that I currently have and make sure they’re still relevant to the current time and really giving benefit to those whose reading the posts. If not, better to delete. 

Less Portfolio Items

I don’t think that my web works are that bad, but you know the feeling when you see your works one year later – yes they’re looking not great and out of dated (honest opinion). So, I just decided to hide them. 

I’m only showing the works that I’m proud of, or websites that I really like.

Less is more

I’m preparing to focus on fewer things for 2019, mostly to my Priority One. And also with my portfolio website, I’m trying to keep everything easy, clean, and simple. 


I will probably change this website soon sometime in the future but hoping not. With this new set of workflow ideally I would force myself to have better English, and technical skills in web development, because I can include learning and reading steps in my daily workflow.

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