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AdiQuote - WordPress Website Development

AdiQuote, Handpicked Quotations

DESCRIPTION: Website development for myself, a simple web providing quotations and sayings from famous authors. URL: CMS: WordPress

Wedding Photo And Film Website For Tata + Luca, Colorado, Apsen

Tata + Luca, Aspen Colorado

DESCRIPTION: Website development for Tara Marolda & Luca Piazzi for, a website about wedding photo and film in Aspen,…

Zin Hotels Bali - Website Hotel Development

Zin Hotels, Bali

Description: Website for hotel made with WordPress for Zin Hotels Bali CMS: WordPress Client Location: Bali, Indonesia URL:  coming soon

Ida Resi Alit, Bali

Description: Website development project for Ida Resi Alit, high priestess of Bali. Design Software: Photoshop CMS: WordPress Client Location: Bali,…

Company Capital, Victoria BC

Description: Design and build with Bowden Works and PlusROI for Company Capital, small business loan in Canada, British Columbia. Design Software:…

Videology HD, California

Description: Design and development for Videology HD, Video Marketing California. CMS: Squarespace URL:

DLH Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Description: Web development for Environmental Board of Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. URL: CMS: WordPress

Service First Ltd, Sidney BC

Description: Web design and development with Bowden Works and PlusROI for Service First Ltd, Industrial Compressors in Sidney, British Columbia.…