10 Quotes and Sayings about Minimalism

minimalism quotes
  1. “Minimalism is not lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something” ~Nicholas Burroughs
  2. “Minimalism is believe there is such a thing as enough” ~nn
  3. “How difficult it is to be simple” ~Vincent Van Gogh
  4. “If you are going to have less things, they have to be great things” ~John Maeda
  5. “It’s not a good deal if you don’t need it” ~nn
  6. “Your home is living space, not storage space” ~Francine Jay
  7. “I don’t say no because I am so busy. I say no because I don’t want to be so busy” ~Courtney Carver
  8. “Enough is a decision not an amount” ~Alison Faulkner
  9. “We don’t buy things with money, we buy them with hours from our lives” ~nn
  10. “If it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong in your life” ~nn