5 Components of High Converting Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

A landing page a single focus page that aims to target one specific thing for a user to do, eg clicking a button or submitting a form. Landing pages are typically used to direct users from a paid advertising such as Google or Facebook Ads. There are many formats of landing pages but if you see a web page without menu navigation that probably is built on purpose.

There are many factors to contribute to your conversion rate, but the following are my take about high converting landing pages.


A fast-loading web page is crucial to today’s busy world. Google recommends for a page to load in less than 3 seconds, the slower your web page the higher probability of page abandonment. There are many ways to make a page load faster: avoid sliders, optimize images, only load the stuff that you need, etc.

Focus on Benefit

A clear benefit for the user should be our priority – as users will be able to see what they could get or benefit from our page if the solutions we offer are the thing that the user is looking for.

Social Proof

Adding testimonials would be a common practice to improve the conversion rate as there are people out there that are happy with the service/product we offer.

Clear CTA

You could have a button or form as the main call to action. It should clear and strategically place with a good amount of (not too much) repetition for each page scroll.

Human Factor

Adding images of humans in general knowledge is better for conversion as it represents there are real people behind the web page, real business, real people to sell or serve.