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5 Hourly Work


WordPress Web Support

When you need someone trusted to update or do small fix for your business website. Up to 5 hours of web work. Meeting via Skype or Slack.

Sample tasks:

  • Minor changes
  • Pages / posts update
  • Web Migration
  • Core and Plugins update
  • Troubleshooting
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Hourly work is a service for small web update for WordPress websites. The work may include front-end or back-end, and things I can handle. You should contacting me first to confirm if the task is doable by me.

Time Tracking

I track time with Toggl, and will send you time work summary after the work. The maximum of the work for this service per unit is 5 hours. If you need more hours you may add quantity to purchase.

Work Scope

These are typical works for this time unit:

  • Website Migration
  • Speed Optimization
  • Page Update (not redesign)
  • Post Update
  • Quick SEO Checkup
  • Quick Web Scan
  • Public HTML and SQL backup
  • Meta Title/Meta Description Entry

Let’s get the work done.


Terms of Service

Billable Hour

Billable hours refers to time worked on task matter that will be charged to a client according to a contractual rate. Things like fixing bugs, code refactoring and code review are included in billable hour.

Non Billable Hour

Billable hours are those included in customer invoices and refer to pure project work. Non-billable time is usually spent on non technical meeting, calls or emails, overcoming miscommunication.

Refund Policy

I will give no-question refund 100% for task that has been started but you’ve already paid. There is no refund for progressing work, or finished work (but you’re not satisfied with the result).

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