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Productivity Tools for Remote work – It was started in 2015 in Palangka Raya when I began to work remotely helping people to create and to maintain websites. I’m living in Bali at the moment, and looking back it’s been more than 2.5 years of not having any physical office nor the need to spend time on transportation. I usually work from home, occasionally go to co-working space or cafes to meet people but home is always been my favorite so far. Because the bedroom is just 3 meters away and the kitchen is 2 meters away. As best as we can to reduce the time for commuting – unless it’s for an important one.

computer desk setup
My home office set up in Bali, Indonesia

Basic Productivity Tools I Use for Remote Work

There are several tools that I normally use. I would love to share my list, so here we go!

Google Suite

Email: Google Suite

For basic email, I’m using Google Suite, just one account, which I pay $2.5/month. I’m only using one so far, for my main domain I like to have everything organized in one place, so I created some redirections from my other emails to this main one. The reason is so I don’t have to check other email account inbox.


Time Tracker: Toggl

Free version available. Not until I arrived in Bali I track my time more properly. But now I’m using Toggl to clock in my time work so I know how many hours/minute of time I spend on particular tasks. The good thing with Toggl is we can collaborate in a team workspace, member of the team can see our time and task progress.


Instant Messaging: Slack

Free version available. The first time I saw Slack, I was thinking it’s almost the same idea like old time IRC – Internet Relay Chat. Now I found that Slack is actually the best tool available out there for my needs – the ability to create rooms, do direct chat, thread conversation, edit the message, and tons of integration possibilities with other platforms.


Project Collaboration: Podio 

Free version available. My first option for project management thing is Podio, where I’m using it for my main work. Other option for a lighter project would be Todoist or Trello. Personally, the best thing about Podio for me is the customization part – where we can create apps according to our specific needs for certain tasks.


File Sharing: Dropbox

Free version available, but it’s not enough space for my normal usage so I’m on Dropbox Plus plan, with up to 1TB of space, even I’m only using less than 10% of the capacity. It’s always a good practice to have a backup of files and works just in case I break my computer.


Invoice: Invoicely 

For the invoice, currently, I’m using a service named Invoicely to generate an invoice and send the receipt to the client. We can connect this service to Paypal and Stripe. The thing that I like from this service is it’s a cloud base, which means I can access this from any computer and I can send a receipt of a transaction easily.

Other software and services

Some other tools to more specific – to my type of work: Photoshop and Sketch app to create a mockup, Snagit to capture a screenshot or record a short video, OpenVPN to unblock my network and the last one – my favorite is Spotify for me to play music during the work.


Ideally, I would love to keep everything simple and minimal and get rid of apps and services that I don’t really need.


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