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PSD WordPress Bali

PSD to WordPress Bali

PSD WordPress Bali – Got your web concept in hand? Do you need to convert your PSD web idea into WordPress?

PSD WordPress Bali Indonesia

Get your web design coded into WordPress version with high quality markup, cross browser compatible, and easy to maintain. Do you need a PSD to WordPress service that is: Pixel Perfect, Responsive, SEO Friendly Code and Performance Optimized?

What is a PSD?

PSD is a Photoshop design file, and Adobe Photoshop document that is widely used to design web focusing on idea, concept, and strategic visual message.

Sketch to WordPress

Sketch is now popular and growing in UX design. Sketch to WordPress is working the same way like PSD to WordPress.

Why Design Web in PSD?

To get started with idea translated into concept is easier than to blindly code the web. If you’re building a house, you want to draw the design first, the concept, detail, calculation, and other things. The same like website, you want to have the design first and then to code it. So, by having the design in PSD means you already know specifically in detail the concept that you would like to build.

How PSD WordPress Works?

Five simple steps to get your PSD web design hand coded into WordPress.

1. Ordering

Send us your PSD web design files and notes.

2. Reviewing

We will review the specs and features and provide estimated quote.

3. Development

We work to code your PSD web design, we keep you in loop.

4. Testing

We test the code to make sure it has no bugs, no troubles, no glitches.

5. Delivery

We deliver high quality and easy to maintain WordPress web for your design.


About Me

My name is Adi Pramono, a full-time WordPress developer based in Bali, Indonesia.


For PSD WordPress conversion work, please click contact page or send me an email to




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