Why Do You Need a Great Web Hosting?


Starting in July 2018, Google is finally going to use mobile speed as a ranking factor in their mobile search result. With a significant change in the mobile ranking factor, speed has become more and more critical. Hosting plays its prominent role in serving the website page loading speed.

Hosting is a factor; optimization is necessary such as compression, correct image size, and general page size. However, if the hosting resource is poorly-limited, no matter what speed optimization you do – without a great hosting it is more difficult to achieve the best speed.

When you make a wrong web hosting decision

Choosing a web hosting may impact your business revenue.  We know that we need to focus on prioritizing profit on budget spend on hosting. Depending on your web content, the number of hits per day, visitor locations, and other various factors.

Here are some terrible things that can happen to your business if you didn’t choose the best web hosting:

  • Loss of conversion – If your site slows or down, your potential customers won’t be able to view your article, product, service, or your contact! Moreover, it becomes worse if your business is an online store type!
  • Negative effect on SEO effort – As you know that your goal with content marketing you want customers to find you easily. Aside from downtime, slow hosting may hurt ranking.

How to choose the best hosting:

It is essential to choose a reliable web hosting company to make sure that your website is safe even in peak hour.

1. Understand what to choose

There various web hosting service available such as:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple Web sites, each having its Internet domain name, from a single Web server. In other words, we shared the resource of one server to multiple websites.
It excellent budget choice for small business website or starter.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized server. A VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.
It is the option where you can customize everything to your tastes.

Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting is a concierge service where the host manages all technical aspects of running WordPress, includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability.

2. Choose web hosting with excellent customer support

Internet works 24 hours 7 days a week. Look a web hosting provider that offers 24 customer support. Test the customer support staff before committing long-term web hosting plan.

3. Uptime record track

There is no website hosting able to guarantee 100 percent uptime, so you should choose if the uptime is at least 99% on average.

4. Scalability

When your business grows, you have more content, you tent to generate more traffic. You need to choose the web hosting with the ability to upgrade to accommodate the growth.


There are tonnes of web hosting out there. Choosing the best hosting to suit your business is vital because your business is depending on it. Do your search.


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