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    1. Web Design

    Plan, prototype, & calculate

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    2. Web Development

    Make the idea alive

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    3. Web Optimization

    SEO Service in Bali for WordPress Websites

    SEO & Regular Updates

    SEO Bali – Little and easy tasks (or not so easy) to keep your website up-to-date with your current business. We can plan a couple of hours per month, and we can set plan and action to enrich your static pages or to publish new blogs, something like that, or bigger. You’ll need this in if you want to win your competition to gain traffic and convert them into customers.

    Updated and grow, organically. 

    I believe that there’s always space for improvements and we can make it a bit better.

    SEO Bali – Deliverables in this work scope:

    • Content optimization
    • Blog post for SEO
    • On-site optimization
    • Off-site optimization
    • SEO Link building
    • Other efforts to make your web rank higher on Google search

    Let’s grow together. Contact today to get your website updated and rank better on Google.

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    4. Web Security

    Bulletproof web security