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    1. Web Design

    Plan, Prototype, & Calculate

    Before taking the first step of a web project, it is necessary to understand the meaning of our web existence and what we suppose to achieve. We need to know precisely who is the target market and how to communicate our products effectively.

    Design is a solution to problems.

    There’s an important moment of 5 first seconds to make a user decides to stay or to leave the website. To provide compelling visual look is beneficial. To plan, calculate, and prototype the web before we code could save us a lot of time in this web making process.

    Deliverables in this work scope:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Sitemap and Experience Flow
    • Mood Board
    • Wireframe, Mockup, & Prototype

    From here we should have the same understanding and systematic strategy about what we build and how we do it.

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    2. Web Development

    Make the idea alive

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    3. Web Optimization

    SEO & Regular Updates

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    4. Web Security

    Bulletproof web security