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Hi, my name is Adi. I am a WordPress website developer based in Bali, Indonesia.

Currently, I work as a junior web developer for Bowden Works, a web development team from Victoria BC that specializes in developing and optimizing websites for companies.

I enjoy a wide range of one-man-show or teamwork web tasks such as web planning, prototyping,  keyword research, to building the actual web and ensuring that it is highly optimized for branding, search engines, and conversion. I believe that an excellent website is a combination of front-end & back-end parts, well-thought-out works; start with design, development, optimization, ongoing updates, and rapid adaptation to your latest best business strategy.

My Life Timeline

Right now – Bowden Works: Developing websites remotely from Bali with Bowden Works, spend five days/week to work, two days to learn new things, or taking another freelance work, or just exploring the island.

17 January 2017 – Migrate to Bali: Moved to Bali to get my self to become closer to web market, art, and to improve my web development skills.

30 November 2016 – Bella: My baby girl was born, a long-awaited baby, Bella, after our four years marriage.

1 January 2015 – Full time freelance: Full time freelancing remotely from Gedung Batang Garing and home, in Palangka Raya.

2 June 2013 – Visit Bali: First time in Bali. Like other first timers, visited Kuta, and Sanur. It was a short trip.

1 July 2012 – Part time freelance I started web freelance. My clients were local business owners in Palangka Raya, government, universities, and clients form Bali.

1 January 2012 – Eduprana: Started Eduprana Project with my counterpart from Quebec, Samuel Gendron.

20 February 2012 – Getting Married to Dina Mariani.

1 July 2011 – Office Adminstrator: Worked in HIV Aids Commission Central Kalimantan Province.

1 July 2010 – SP3: Sarjana Penggerak Pembangunan di Pedesaan – in Bukit Sua, Palangka Raya.

10 April 2010 – Get my Bachelor Degree of Education Graduated from Universitas Palangka Raya. A mixed time for study, and working a part-time job.

30 September 2008 – Canada World Youth: Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program. Truro, Nova Scotia & Bengkalis, Riau.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please get in touch via email: info@adipramono.com

About Me

Hi, my name is Adi Pramono a web maker, thinker, and doer. Specializing in Web Development for WordPress projects. Some of few things that I’m good at: Simple web design, Front-end WordPress Development, and Search Engine Optimization.

Mail: info@adipramono.com
Skype: adipramono