Website Design for Hotel in Bali

Website Design for Hotel in Bali will be the thing that we will talk about in this article. There is a believe about sell it before you make it. Also, there is another believe which I hold inside is: to make it before to sell it. We will use both of this believe in web design process.

Starting by my online observation about website demands in Bali, this is 14 times more possibilities to get client for web design compare to my hometown, Palangkaraya. That’s why I moved to Bali. More business owners are seeing Bali as potential spot and there is growing competition. Website is a tool for business owner to tell about their business, service, and things. This is my part, to offer a professional websites, especially in hospitality industry.

website for hotel in Bali

Visually Explaining to Web Visitor

Website for Hotels

This is necessary to understand the nature of hotel website. It should visually explain to the visitor not only by words, but also by pictures, good pictures. Also booking system should be integrated with the website itself. It can be hosted and managed by external booking system, or internally built in. Essential information should also be displayed such as what facilities included in the hotels. By design, website for hotel should be design to have a spirit calling to the visitor and whispering: “Hey, this is the place that you are looking for!”.

Booking System for Hotel Website

There are 2 options for this. Externally hosted booking system  and Internally built in. It should handle room availability checking, mail notification both to visitor and hotel management.

Web design in Bali - Booking and Room checking feature for website hotel.

Booking and Room checking feature for website hotel.


Sample for Website for Hotel

I installed a demo link in my website. Please check this link and it will bring you to the demo page of website for hotel.



Web Designer Bali for SEO

Web Designer Bali for SEO – A Challenge of SEO Competition

Web designer Bali for SEO – a journey.
I have been in Bali for about three months. I move to this province because a call from my brain. We need to go to the center of civilization.

First 3 month in Bali

I spent my first month in Tulamben, Karangasem Bali. I work in a scuba diving school to afford my life in first month. It did’t go well. I had to quit the job because the salary rate was not enabling me to stay. I am coming to Bali with my wife and baby. Web Design Bali was not started due to my portfolio website is Palangkaraya version. I start put my time to work on personal portfolion in March 2017. I start to plant keyword of “Web Designer Bali”. But as you know, the competition of keyword is very high. Today I check my rank, and this is in the number of 66 in Google.

SEO is a Must

In order to compete in the bigger game of web design like Bali, SEO is a must. Because it is also a measurement when we work on someone else SEO project. How to tell if we are good at SEO but our won website is falling down under and clients event cannot find us? Last night on a scooter I had this idea, to start and continue this effort to be on top 10 of Google search result for “Web Designer Bali” keywords. The road is still long, but hey we started the journey and enjoying it.

Pay to Play

In the today’s era, organic search is by design not the best way to become visible. Facebook has started to become more commercial kicking away the organic traffic result, and move to Pay to Play era. Google is also in the way of this way idea. You can appear on Google, the first result, if you pay. But again, we are very happy to have organic traffic to our website. Instead of paying ads, some companies in Bali think this is they way to pay an expert to work on the SEO part.

Web Designer Bali for SEO

Optimization is the next step of web development work. First we develop. Second we optimize. It is a long way process for every website owners. My basic is Web Design, and to move forward to the next step for SEO the way to go. It is another level of skill required to tweak SEO plugin to the green checklist. I have two years to learn about SEO in Bali. I already spend 3 months. 21 month time is still waiting for me to have better result in Bali search engine. See me on the top!

Why I Use WordPress

I mostly use WordPress for my web design project. It is like 90% of all websites I created for my clients since 2012 are WordPress based. In this article I would like to talk about why we should use WordPress platform instead of any other Content Management System platform, or even static html page.

History of WordPress

In my own experience, the first time I use WordPress was as a blogging platform. Back to 2007 when the first time I learn about websites, that there is something more systematic and more advanced than using HTML css only. In my mind WordPress is another option than Blogspot. WordPress was considered as a service that enable us put our story only with free domain ending with Then I realized in 2011, that we can actually go with to get the source of wordpress machine and running it into our own hosting. Then I start to try and learn and finally launch my first WordPress, in personal hosting in 2012.

Open Source Spirit

This is about the spirit of open source I think that makes WordPress growing big. Because of its openness allowing people to see the source code, learn, and build something to enhance this platform into something better, more secure, and more mature. Anyone can download wordpress and use it and develop it. This spirit is like Linux spirit, that finally makes it the biggest platform for hosting world. WordPress will continue to grow effectively because there are developers, users, and growing enthusiast all around the globe using and building together.

Easy to Use and Learn

There are only 2 things to know when it comes to WordPress. Well, at least these two things are the main things for me: Post, and Page. These are the things that I always use in my WordPress conversation with my clients. Post is for blogging content with time, and page is for static content like about page, contact page, that will be still like that (maybe with small adjustment along the way). And about plugins, themes, this is something else, but still intuitive. Personally, even without any plugin and only with default theme, yes we can have a very secure fast website.

Rich of Themes & Plugins

Another strong reasons to go with WordPress is its rich free plugins to extends the website capability and feature, free plugin to premium plugin for more serious things. Premium theme is also available widely in the market. These environment of free and premium are in personal opinion why a lot of people use WordPress, because like me my self, I can help my client to build beautiful website faster, buy premium theme and plugins (supporting the living of programmers and designers) for my business owner they can have their website ready in no time.

Search Engine Friendly

By default, this is SEO friendly. Strong Heading structure ready to use. But sometime we forgot to put our blog content in correct heading and do not even realize 😀

Easy to Manage

You have a complete Content Management System (CMS) for your website. You have every article you put in page and post, you have every pictures you uploaded in media, you have plugins directory ready to be added with one click button, and settings to configure your website with no limitation. Also the thing with WordPress platform is: this is easier for you to migrate hosting, or if you develop your website in local server, this is what I usually do, and upload the website when it is ready with no problem at all. Smooth!


Update is available for free! But, you need to check if this is compatible with theme and plugins you are using. I usually do my upgrade in local server to make sure everything is perfect and then hit the update in only server (to have the backup of previous version is necessary).


To wrap up this article, I would like to say thank you to WordPress! This is the platform you will need to choose if you want to focus more on what you do and be the master of it!